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The heart of India lies in its villages!!!! The Indian ‘rural cosmopolitan’ makes India more interesting and enriching.

Edlapalli is a village in Tsundur Mandal, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India. Edlapalli is simply a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity. Our village is surrounded with beautiful agricultural landscapes all around. Most of the inhabitants are farmers, known for their oxen and lemons which are grown for export. Surrounding Villages are Valiveru and Dundipalem.

Most of the people are educated and Famous for religious practices and agricultural activities. People are really close to each other and provide a sense of unity, perhaps equally important, fellow villagers share knowledge of their common origin in a locale and of each other's secrets, often going back generations. Family bonding, social responsibilities, religious practices
The “Young” generation tasting the success in various fields across the Globe!!! This village in south India is a perfect example for a village and village atmosphere with beautiful agricultural fields, different varieties of trees and also a great home for reptiles. It is a place where the Hindu culture and traditions are being imbibed to the core. The villagers there are mostly agriculturalists. Some are into growing food crops and some are into businesses. It should not be surprising that the people from edlapalli have migrated to different countries and rendering different services and enjoying the tosts of success.

I Love Edlapalli !!!